May 3: Littleton Main Street Historic Tours!

Travel back in time with tours of buildings, lives and events on a historic walking tour of Downtown Littleton Main Street.  

During each tour you will learn about the history of the building, including the architecture, and the people who owned them.

The tours will be presented at 5:00pm and 6:00pm on Friday, May 3

Meet at the Littleton Courthouse steps at 2069 West Littleton Boulevard.

The historic tours are guided by Historic Littleton, Inc. and the City of Littleton Historical Preservation Board.



Historic Littleton Inc. believes our city’s future is firmly linked to our past.

Our focus is on preserving Littleton’s special spirit through preserving our historic buildings.

 HLI is a non-profit (501c3) membership organization. We are dedicated to preserving Littleton’s heritage and enhancing Littleton’s economic future through the preservation of historically significant buildings, which we do through advocacy and education.

Join with us to protect Littleton’s legacy for future generations. Membership benefits include: quarterly newsletter with information on local preservation activities, invitations to special events, and fellowship with Colorado’s preservation community.

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Board of Directors

  • Gail Keeley - President
    Liz Eaton - Vice President
    Barbara Eaton - Membership
    Sonya Ellingboe - Secretary
    Ron Richards - Treasurer


    Karen Arras
    Rebecca Kast
    Mike Massey
    Jean Selders
    Darlee Whiting
    John Gerkin
    Jim Taylor

    Margi Clute
    Richard Cronenberger


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