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Since October 2000, Historic Littleton, Inc. has been active in fostering a positive spirit towards historic preservation in Littleton.

As a Historic Littleton member, you’ll receive a quarterly newsletter, be invited to participate in special tours and events, and become  directly involved in promoting historic preservation in the greater Littleton area!  (Memberships need to be renewed each year.)

Besides the regular $30 membership, we are also offering VIP memberships.

VIP members will be invited to exclusive cocktail parties and events highlighting Littleton’s historic landmarks!  You can always upgrade your membership to VIP status!!

Not only does historic preservation keep valuable community assets available for our children and grandchildren, it also helps the community’s economic base.

If you have already renewed for 2016, we thank you!!

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Download our membership form!

Thank you for your participation and for your help in preserving Littleton’s heritage.

Sincerely, The Board of Directors of Historic Littleton, Inc.

Board of Directors

Gail Keeley - President
Liz Eaton - Vice President
Barbara Eaton - Membership
Sonya Ellingboe - Secretary
Ron Richards - Treasurer


Karen Arras
Rebecca Kast
Mike Massey
Jean Selders
Darlee Whiting
John Gerkin
Jim Taylor
Margi Clute
Richard Cronenberger


Become a Member!

Join Historic Littleton, Inc. as we work together to preserve our historical and architectural heritage through advocacy and education.

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