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Historic Preservation Awards

Historic Littleton, Inc., in partnership with the City of Littleton Historical Preservation Board, presents the Historic Preservation Awards to celebrate Littleton’s history. The categories, criteria, year awarded, historic name, and address for awards follow.

Award of Outstanding Achievement

The Award of Outstanding Achievement is for excellence in historic preservation, including maintaining the historic integrity of the exterior of a building or to restore the exterior to its original appearance. Past winners include:

  • 2008: Louthan House, 5649 S. Curtice St.
  • 2009: Arapahoe Hills Residence, 3650 Chimayo Rd.
  • 2010: Bemis House, 5890 S. Bemis St.
  • 2011: Geneva Lodge, 2305 W. Berry Ave.
  • 2012: Havener Millinery, 2449 W. Main St
  • 2015: Franzen Grocery, 5666 S. Sycamore St.
  • 2017: A Portion of the Culp Block, 2420 W. Main St.
  • 2019: Quinney House, 5736 S. Bemis St.

Geneva Lodge, 2011 Fisher Architects

Havener Millinery, 2012

Louthan House, 2008

Award of Merit

The Award of Merit is for the improvement of historic cultural resources (buildings, sites, landscapes, structures) that are important to the community. Work can include simple improvements and does not require extensive restoration. Past winners include:

  • 2008: Kauer Building, 2500 W. Main St.
  • 2009: Crawford Saloon, 2490 W. Main St.
  • 2010: Leach House, 2596 W. Alamo Ave.
  • 2011: Coors Building, 2579 W. Main St.
  • 2012: Courthouse Professional Building, 2009 W. Littleton Blvd.
  • 2019: Francam Building, 1150 W. Littleton Blvd.

Leach House, 2010

Courthouse Professional Building, 2012 Steve Kurtz on the left

Francam Building, 2019

Award of Stewardship

The Award of Stewardship is for the long-term care of a significant historic property. Past winners include:

  • 2008: J.D. Hill General Store, 5728 S. Rapp St.
  • 2010: Carnegie Library, 2707 W. Main St.
  • 2010: Hunter Residence, 3986 W. Bowles Ave.
  • 2011: Barrister Building, 2676 W. Alamo St.
  • 2012: 1st Presbyterian Church, 1609 W. Littleton Blvd.
  • 2015: Weston Masonic Lodge, 5718 S. Rapp St.
  • 2015: Littleton United Methodist Church, 5894 S. Datura St.
  • 2015: Art Moderne Building, Office of Dr. Richard Wells 5611 S. Nevada St.
  • 2017: City of Littleton City Council for stewardship of historic buildings owned by the City of Littleton, which include Town Hall, 2450 W. Main St.; Arapahoe County Courthouse, 2069 W. Littleton Blvd.; Denver & Rio Grande Railroad Depot, 5790 S. Prince St.; Atchison Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad Depot, 2069 W. Powers Ave.; Geneva Lodge 2305 W. Berry Ave.; and Bemis House, 5890 S. Bemis St.
  • 2019: Louthan Heights Historic District, 5607-5687 S. Louthan St.

Hunter Residence, 2010 Award

Art Moderne Building, 2015

Denver and Rio Grande Railroad Depot, 2017

Award of Preservation Advocacy

Historic Littleton, Inc. Recognitions

  • Honored architect Eugene Sternberg for his lifetime achievements (2004)
  • Celebrated formation of the Littleton Main Street Historic District and honored Dick Valore for his achievements (2005)
  • Honored the past and present publishers of the Littleton Independent for their contributions to preserving Littleton’s history (2006)
  • Honored Littleton artist Rita Derjue for her preservation paintings (2008)
  • Co-sponsored Historic Preservation Awards with the Historical Preservation Board(2008–2012, 2015, 2017, 2019)

Eugene Sternberg, 2004

Award 2008 – Rita Derjue Artist Award

Jerry and Anne Healey, Littleton Independent, 2006