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Geneva Lodge, Local Landmark owned by the City of Littleton.
Photograph courtesy of the Littleton Museum

The City of Littleton’s Department of Community Development manages the official historic preservation program within the City limits. Andrea Mimnaugh is the City of Littleton preservation planner, and the historic preservation program is governed by section 4-6-4 of the Littleton City Code.

The historic preservation program works to protect and enhance historic buildings, sites, and neighborhoods in Littleton. City staff members work closely with the Historical Preservation Board to identify and designate eligible properties for historic landmark designation. To protect landmarks, the City reviews and approves exterior alterations to properties designated as historic. The City of Littleton website offers a wealth of historic preservation information and history of Littleton:

  • About Littleton Historic Preservation Video: The video on the City’s Historic Preservation home page provides a great overview of the preservation program.
    Historic Preservation,
  • Littleton History: Visit the Littleton History pages for the general history of Littleton, a chronology of important events beginning in 20,000 BC up to the present, bibliographies of historic Littleton families (many of whose names are noted by landmarks and street names), an extensive list of early 20th-century buildings and their history, and many other history topics.
    Littleton History,
  • National Register Properties and Districts: Review the list official National Register Properties and their history. National Register nominations are written in incredible detail.
    National Register Properties and Districts in Littleton,
  • Historic Resources: Check out the individual inventory forms resulting from City-Wide Historic Preservation Survey reports created since 1997. You can download survey form for individual buildings, and enjoy fun reading these short histories of many of Littleton buildings.
    Historic Resources,
  • Downtown Historic Walking Tour: Walk through the Downtown Littleton Main Street Historic District with this interactive tour. Once you complete the virtual tour, take it in person and visit the restaurants and shops in the downtown area.
    Historic Walking Tour of Downtown Littleton,
  • Littleton Boulevard: Littleton’s Mid Mod Mile: Visit Littleton’s most recent historic area, the Mid-Century Modern buildings on Littleton Boulevard, and learn about the architectural heritage of the 1950s–1970s.
    Littleton Boulevard: Littleton’s Mid Mod Mile,
  • Littleton History Videos: The City of Littleton has always had a great video team, and they have produced many videos over the years. Explore this archive to learn about many Littleton topics from a variety of perspectives.
    Video Playlists,

Note: Historic Littleton, Inc., is a nonprofit membership organization that advocates for historic preservation in the greater Littleton area. The organization is separate from the City of Littleton’s historic preservation program.