About Historic Littleton

Mission Statement:  Historic Littleton is dedicated to preserving the historical and architectural heritage of the greater Littleton area through advocacy and education.

At the Littleton Leadership Retreat in 1989, Mike Massey brainstormed forming an organization to solicit funds to provide low cost loans to property owners and businesses on Main Street. The organization was called Second Century Fund, because, as Massey said at the time, “Littleton was celebrating its centennial. It occurred to me that we should give our town a gift that would help it prosper for a second century. That notion was the beginning of the Second Century Fund. The focus of the Second Century Fund is Main Street and downtown Littleton…because it is our heart. It helps make us special.”

Massey formed a nonprofit corporation in 1990 with a board of directors of local business people and citizens.

Second Century Fund was instrumental in developing a strategic plan for Main Street, in saving Geneva Lodge from destruction, and in establishing a National Register District for downtown Littleton. SCF served as a conduit for grants from the State Historic Fund until the city of Littleton took on this role. Second Century Fund solicited funding from corporations, held two benefit auctions, and began sponsoring annual Renewal Dinners at the Inn at Hudson Gardens to promote historic preservation.

In 2000, the Second Century Fund changed its name to Historic Littleton Inc. and rewrote its bylaws to become a membership organization. HLI sponsors tours to historic buildings in the metro area, offers walking and bus tours of historic Littleton, and celebrates National Historic Preservation Month each year.


4 goals of Historic Littleton, Inc.:

  1. Educating the community about historic preservation.
  2. Influencing public policy on preservation issues.
  3. Forming alliances with other local, county, state-wide, and national preservation organizations.
  4. Acting as a resource in support of historic preservation.


20 Accomplishments of Historic Littleton, Inc.:

  1. Obtained over $200,000 in grant money for Littleton from the state (1990-1999).
  1. Advocated saving Geneva Lodge (1995).
  1. Developed a Strategic Plan for Downtown Littleton, along with the Historic Downtown Littleton Merchants (1995).
  1. Honored Architect Eugene Sternberg for his lifetime achievement (2004).
  1. Held two auctions to raise money for preservation (1995 and 1996).
  1. Held six Renewal Dinners to foster interest in historic preservation (1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, and 2004).
  1. Advocated saving the Marathon building (unsuccessfully—It was torn down in 2005); Advocated saving Sternberg building (2008—present).
  1. Honored the past and present publishers of the Littleton Independent for their contribution to preserving Littleton’s history (2006).
  1. Led double-decker bus tours of historic sites in Littleton (1997,1998, 1999, 2000, 2001)
  1. Helped fund the survey to place Main Street Historic District on the National Register of Historic Places (1998).
  1. Lobbied for passage of the Historic Preservation ordinance (2001).
  1. Honored Littleton artist rita derjue for her preservation paintings (2008).
  1. Successfully nominated Willowcroft Manor for the 2010 Colorado’s Most Endangered Places list (2009).
  1. Led home tour in the Louthan Street Historic District (2003).
  1. Co-sponsored True Grit sessions with Historic Preservation Board (2009).
  1. Presented the Trial of Alfred Packer and walking tour of Main Street and Littleton cemetery (2002).
  1. Co-sponsored Annual Preservation Awards with the city’s Historic Preservation Board (2008—2010).
  1. Led walking tours through downtown Littleton (1995,1998, 2003, 2007).
  1. Advocated restoring the Ed Bemis House (2005—present); Held two open houses for the public to view the house (2006; 2010); Funded a survey and plan for interior restoration.
  1. Celebrated formation of the local Main Street Historic District and honored Dick Valore for his achievements (2005).

Board of Directors

Gail Keeley - President
Liz Eaton - Vice President
Barbara Eaton - Membership
Sonya Ellingboe - Secretary
Ron Richards - Treasurer


Karen Arras
Rebecca Kast
Mike Massey
Jean Selders
Darlee Whiting
John Gerkin
Jim Taylor
Margi Clute
Richard Cronenberger


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