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This South Curtice Street house is significant for its association with Charles and Lorena Louthan, prominent Littleton citizens. Charles was a prominent builder, who erected two homes per year for 44 years in Littleton—including this house. Most of the homes he built were on Spotswood and Louthan Streets. Charles was also a public servant, serving on the Littleton City Council for 17 years and as Mayor from 1929 to 1932 and 1934 to 1940. Lorena raised seven children in this house, was described as a pillar of the Methodist church, and served as a leader in the temperance movement. In 1934, The Littleton Independent named Lorena the “Foremost Mother of Littleton.”

The Louthan House has details that reflect early 20th-century residential development in Littleton, including decorative shingles, a Queen Anne–style window in the front gable face, and segmental arched windows. The home was renovated three decades ago and has been converted to a local popular restaurant, Café Terracotta.

The City of Littleton designated the Louthan House a Historic Landmark in 2006.