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Presbyterian minister D.M. Hunter built this Colonial Revival style house in 1889. The house’s pedimented gables, double-hung sash windows, and porch with column supports reflects this architectural style. The two-and-a-half story structure features a side gable roof, gable ends clad in fish-scale shingles, and a full height brick chimney. The foundation was built using mud from the South Platte River.

Hunter sold the building a few years later to R.H. Nelson for $4,000. A succession of owners followed, including Charles H. Hammer, who raised pigeons there. In 1987, the house was moved further back on the lot due to the widening of Bowles Avenue. The Hunter House property has been owned by the Garfein family for at least three decades.

This property was officially listed as a Littleton Landmark in 2009.