Dust off your magnifying glass and polish your gumshoes!  

Historic Littleton Inc. presents:

The 8th Annual Historic Downtown Littleton Scavenger Hunt!

Saturday, September 7  2019 | 11am to 3pm

Prizes range from a $300 grand prize, a $200 2nd prize, and SEVEN $100 prize winners!  Merchants will also be donating door prizes! 

 The Scavenger Hunt kicks off at 11:00 AM at Littleon’s Town Hall in historic Downtown Littleton where participants purchase a $5 clue list.

 At 3:00 PM, scavengers assemble at Town Hall for prize drawings with live music and refreshments. Participants must be present to win (more details below).

 It’s a day of historic fun for the entire family!

Frequently Asked Questions:

So, what exactyly is this scavenger hunt?

The scavenger hunt was conceived by Historic Littleton, Inc. as a way to raise awareness and excitement of the treasure we call Historic Downtown Littleton.

Sounds like fun!  How do I participate?

Obtain a clue list for $5, then visit designated Downtown Littleton merchants.  CASH PRIZES WILL BE  AWARDED!!!

Where do I purchase my clue list?

You may purchase your $5 clue list at Littleton’s historic Town Hall (2450 W. Main Street) any time after 11:00 AM. The clue list contains a map of downtown with the merchants designated as stops for the hunt.

What happens at each designated merchant?

The hunt begins at Town Hall Arts Center.  Clues that correspond to the clue list will be hidden in various Main Street businesses. Costumed reenactors will present a bit of Littleton history to help with the clues.

Okay, so once I’m finished uncovering all these clues, where do I return my clue list?

Clue lists can be returned at any time prior to 3:00 PM at Town Hall and checked for accuracy.

And what’s this I read about cash prizes?

All correct clue lists will be entered into a drawing!

First Prize = $300
Second Prize = $200
SEVEN Third Prize Winners = $100
(You must be present to claim your prize.)

Historic Downtown Littleton Merchants are also donating additional prizes!

Got it!  What happens after the scavenger hunt?

At 3:00 PM, everyone will gather at Town Hall for the prize drawings with live music! 


We’ll see you there!  Happy sleuthing!

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Barbara Eaton - Membership
Sonya Ellingboe - Secretary
Ron Richards - Treasurer


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